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Carrot is not appealing


I attended the Leon Hall “People’s Water Compact” meeting. What wasn’t there: a copy of “The People’s Water Compact.” Organizers implied that it’s under legal review and unavailable for the public.

A table contained three items: propaganda; a pamphlet called “Both sides of the Divide,” containing eight pages and lacking the names of anyone involved with its contents, and page three has reference to “Tribal Resolution No. 1527,” but no copy of the resolution; and a donation box. A petition in support of “The People’s Water Compact” was also available.

One speaker stated, “If the tribes don’t sign ‘The People’s Water Compact,’ not to worry. The federal government will sign it on their behalf.” I believe this to be untrue. If that is the case, what is the purpose of the petition and all the meetings?

It doesn’t sound like a done deal or a plausible one with all the secrecy. I have not heard of any tribal members in support of this compact as it appears non-existent to the public.

Propaganda: on page three of the “People’s Water Compact” in the “Per Capita Distribution” section says, “85 percent of damages will be paid directly to tribal members.” This is the carrot they dangle. Chief Silver Bucks no longer exists. We are born poor and will die poor. We are rich in culture, family and belief and the lack of money can never define us (the indigenous). Shay hoy.

Thomas A. Lozeau, Jr.
CSKT member


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