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Response to racist letter


I am writing in response to that tasteless, racist letter printed last week “A president for our time.” I have been wondering since I read that garbage if the author is one of those Americans who’s proud to be a part of a race who stole the land they now occupy, tried to kill off the race that harmlessly occupied the land before your people invaded the borders from every direction and kidnapped another race and brought them here to do all the hard labor they didn’t want to do. They bullied every other country on the planet if that country had a resource your race wanted, not just bullying, destroying.

And how can the author of that garbage even say Trump won in spite of the democratic machine? He didn’t even win. I clearly remember Hillary Clinton had like a million more votes from the election that should count. I’m also sure the Constitution reads “We the people,” not “We the electoral college.”

Before I close my tasteful letter, I really want to ask this question. It’s a question that often resurfaces from time to time. Why would someone that hates Native Americans move to a reservation? I’m not just referring to the author of that garbage, but I’m also talking about all you out there living on this tiny little piece of land that we were forced on after our race survived Genocide.

I know you’re out there living on this rez. You’re the ones that are saying to yourself right now “Oh, why don’t these Indians get it? That was a long time ago. We can’t be held responsible for what our forefathers did.” And all I have to say to that is, how would you like it if a country invaded you today, killed half your race, stripped your culture and language from you and moved you from your three-bedroom house on the lake to a dumpster in Charlo? Yeah, I think it would take you a while to get over that too.

Jon Denton


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