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Yes, the Trump “base” is still a solid one-third. Why? Why is it solid amid such changing attitudes, allegiances and political positioning?

We must first look honestly at Donald Trump the man. Number one, his personality disorder (narcissism) causes him to always feel vulnerable and personally insecure. He has to put himself and his image first in everything going on. This vastly limits his ability to lead effectively in any capacity. Second, during his entire life he has learned and accepted the mafia mentality and the mob mentality of personal power through lies, fear, hate and hurtful retaliation. Trump’s base is not following him because of his position, his leadership and presidential policies and programs.

Trump’s base is following him because of his constant rhetoric casting blame on others and lashing out at critics. There are many people in our country who are quite dissatisfied, confused and insecure. Trump’s strong rhetoric feeds their insecurities and anger. He provides them with excuses and a certain level of comfort.

A prediction: no way will Trump be re-elected for a second term if he somehow manages to survive the next two years as president.

Bob McClellan


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