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Healthcare action needs to be taken

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Montana’s Medicaid Expansion provides health insurance to nearly 100,000 Montanans and helps local economies across the board. It also keeps enough money in the system to support rural healthcare. This is of such clear benefit to all Montanans that it is not a partisan issue. In fact, Republican Speaker Greg Hertz told citizens during a recent community forum, “Most legislators don’t want to delete the expansion,” although Republicans would like to make some changes.

Despite its benefits, this law will sunset in June and must be renewed during this Montana Legislative session. Coming up with a workable compromise will take some time; yet, no bill dealing with Medicaid expansion has been brought to the floor.

The Democrats have drafted a law, but it is stuck in committee, waiting for the Republican law to be submitted. Please let your Montana legislators know that you expect them to submit a bill and get both Republican and Democrat versions out on the floor for debate and action. The economic and physical health of our citizens will be diminished if we let this slip through our fingers through inaction. As you may know, the Montana Legislature has a great website ( where it is easy to track a bill as well as find and contact your legislators.

Gail Trenfield
St. Ignatius


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