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Sportspage bowling results for the week of March 5

Tuesdsay Fun Seekersno bowling

Tuesday Night Moonlighters

High Team Game:State Farm           1046

High Team Series:West Shore Cabinets     2942

High Game Scratch:Chase Johnson            300

High Game Handicap:Chase Johnson            307

High Series Scratch:Pat Dellwo                   749

High Series Handicap:Pat Dellwo                   806

Wednesday Night Mixed

High Team Game: The Screw Ups           964

High Team Series:Bowling Stones             2715


High Game Scratch:Steve Davey         280

High Game Handicap:Steve Davey         306

High Series Scratch:Steve Davey         708

High Series Handicap:Steve Davey         786


High Game Scratch:Steph Brown         268

High Game Handicap:Steph Brown         303

High Series Scratch:Cris Alter                 642

High Series Handicap:Stacie Pot                 765

Thursday Night Trio

High Team Game: Camp Tuffit         746  

High Team Series:Spectacles                 2142


High Game Scratch:Ross Woods               279

High Game Handicap:Derek Peel                291

High Series Scratch:Ross Woods       739

High Series Handicap:Ross Woods       772


High Game Scratch:Wanda Roat       219

High Game Handicap:Wanda Roat      291

High Series Scratch:Deana Rogers      504

High Series Handicap:Vickie Erickson      695

Friday Night Mixed

High Team Game: Sportspage      961

High Team Series:Sportspage     2821


High Game Scratch:Brent Rowley     244

High Game Handicap:Brent Rowley    305

High Series Scratch:Pat Dellwo            961

High Series Handicap:Pat Dellwo            757


High Game Scratch:Jen Seifert            202

High Game Handicap:Jen Seifert            264

High Series Scratch:Jen Seifert            533

High Series Handicap:Lisa Bagaoisan    736

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