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Collective thought impacts a country


An email from a friend ended with this sentence: “I hope this country learned a lesson.” This was in reference to a PBS report about the terrible treatment of dissenters in Montana who opposed America entering WWI.

How does a country learn a lesson? What is involved in a full country learning a lesson? There is only one good answer to such questions in my view. The lessons learned by a country are dependent upon the thinking of the individuals who make up that country.

America, “Of the people. By the people. For the people,” projects to the world a certain character and demeanor. It is determined by a build up from each citizen’s thoughts, words and actions.

Who we elect to any office reflects our expressed national thinking and character at that time. It is reflected in our policies and laws. Thinking makes it so. Individual thoughts have power. Listening to others and sharing thoughts has power. Power goes from the individual to the collective, the country. We reap what we sow.

“Change my mind. Change my life.” This is a great reminder to me as I hang my new 2019 calendars.

Bob McClellan

Medicaid expansion critical for Montana healthcare Editor, The Medicaid expansion program that our legislature adopted in 2015 was the result of a fair and balanced bipartisan compromise between legislators and resulted in over 96,000 Montanans obtaining affordable healthcare benefits. It is not hard to imagine what a relief this program meant to previously uninsured families where the difference between having and not having affordable health insurance could easily mean life or death. Beyond just helping Montana families, Medicaid expan

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