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Lucky Strike bowling results for May 5-11

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Monday Spring Fun Nite 

First Place:   Scott Heuer-Richard Turpin

Second Place:   Audrey Smith-Brad Stevens

Third Place:  Dana Matt-Christi Stephens

Fourth Place: Jerry Powell-Sharon Barber

St. Luke’s Mixed Spring League


High Game Scratch:           Jim Schoenen             257

High Game Hdcp:              Jim Schoenen             296

High Series Scratch:          Brian Bocksnick             543

                        Jim Schoenen                 543  

High Series Handicap:        Jim Schoenen                  660


High Game Scratch:     Nicole Stewart                 171

High Game Handicap:  J. Hungerford              253

High Series Scratch:   Nicole Stewart              449

High Series Handicap:         Jeanette Hungerford        675

PBA Spring League

Pattern: Bear

High Game No.1:Pat Dellwo                      204

High Series No.2:          Zach Underwood              214

High Game No.3:       A.J. Bigby                      189

High Game No.4       Megan Jennison              214

High Series: (4 games)      Jason Lanktree              762 

Charlo Friday Night Spring Mixed

High Team Game:       Peaches              861

High Team Series:       Peaches                     2503 


High Game Scratch:        A.J. Bigby                  198

High Game Handicap:      Wally Esterby               231

High Series Scratch:      Greg Linse                       497

High Series Handicap:      Wally Esterby               662


High Game Scratch:       Laura Esterby              173

High Game Handicap:   Laura Esterby              263

High Series Scratch:   Marie Bigby              447

High Series Handicap:Laura Esterby              682




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