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Lucky Strike bowling results for the week of June 2-8

Monday Spring Fun Nite 

1st Place:Richard Turpin-Judy Stevenson

2nd Place:Barb Plouffe-Sonny Brothers

3rd Place:   Greg Linse-Scott Heuer


St. Luke’s Mixed Spring League


High Game Scratch:Brian Bocksnick207

High Game Handicap:Greg Linse240

High Series Scratch:David Vaughan592

High Series Handicap:  Greg Linse694


High Game Scratch:  Nicole Stewart195

High Game Handicap:   Carly Ryther246

High Series Scratch:   Nicole Stewart472

High Series Handicap:   Dawn Bocksnick666

Season Completed: League Champions: “Free Ballin”

Team Members:Abigal Byers

                        Mark Byers

                        Darcu Hoffman

                        Paige Michael


Pattern: PBA Carmen Salvino

High Game #1: Zayna Irish174

High Series #2:   Pat Dellwo        196

High Game #3:Zach Underwood197  

High Game #4:Lisa Corbett209

High Series:        Lisa Corbett736 (4 games)


Charlo Friday Night Spring Mixed 

High Team Game:Canners         930

High Team Series:Canners         2537


High Game Scratch:  A.J. Bigby         235

High Game Handicap: Chris Hertz         241

High Series Scratch: A.J. Bigby 664

High Series Handicap:A.J. Bigby 709


High Game Scratch: Marie Bigby198

High Game Handicap:Kim Wieder230

High Series Scratch:    Marie Bigby541

High Series Handicap:Laura Esterby610

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