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Lucky Strike bowling results for the week of Sept. 22-28

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High Team Game:Access Montana       1193

High Team Series:Lucky Strike Lanes     3276

High Game Scratch:Chad Wiemer        256

High Game Handicap:Chad Wiemer        273

High Series Scratch:Bernie Kuhns, Jr.678

                        Glenn Whitewater678

                        Sackett Jennison678

High Series Handicap:Bernie Kuhns, Jr.732

Tuesday Twisters

High Team Game:Spare Parts       830

High Team Series:Lucky Strike Lanes    2363

High Game Scratch:Kristen Nelson       222

High Handicap Game:Krisen Nelson       258

High Series Scratch:Kristen Nelson       541

High Series Handicap:Kristen Nelson       649


High Team Game:      S & S Sports       1017

High Team Series:S & S Sports       2870

High Game Scratch:Shawn Barber       247

                        Jake Starkel       247 

High Game Handicap:Pat Haggard       286

High Series Scratch:Shawn Barber       717

High Series Handicap:Jake Starkel       771

Wednesday Lucky Ladies

High Team Game:All or Nothing       857

High Team Series:Lucky Strike Lanes    2471

High Game Scratch:Angie Weimer       221

High Game Handicap:Kim Wieder       249

High Series Scratch:Johnie Underwood     576

High Series Handicap:Kim Wieder       652

Lady Strikers 

High Team Game:      The Bird               831

High Team Series:The Bird               2426

High Game Scratch:Lisa Corbett       212

High Game Handicap:Angie Wiemer       264

High Series Scratch:Angie Wiemer       545

High Series Handicap:Angie Wiemer       707

Friday Night Mixed 

High Team Game:666       976

High Team Series:Playin’ Hookie       2776


High Game Scratch: Jesse Corbett       279

High Game Handicap:Jesse Corbett       298

High Series Scratch:Dan Cowan       662

High Series Handicap:Glenn Whitewater      766


High Game Scratch:Lisa Corbett       228

High Game Handicap:Rekka VanMaanen      277

High Series Scratch:  Lisa Corbett       630

High Series Handicap:Rekka VanMaanen     790

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