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Resolution supports water compact

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A resolution in support of the CSKT-Montana Water Compact originated in July at the Lake County Conservation District with full support of the members. It then advanced to the Area 5 October meeting. After receiving approval at the area meeting, it advanced to the state-wide meeting in Kalispell.  Monday afternoon, Nov. 18, the Water Standing Committee held a meeting for discussion concerning the resolution. Comments both for and against were made.  At the conclusion of the meeting, all five attending members of the committee voted to support the resolution.   

On Thursday, Nov. 21, the Montana Association of Conservation Districts passed the resolution requesting our Congressional Senators and Representative for their support to secure federal ratification of the CSKT Compact. The full resolution is available to read at:   

A recent news report concerning the Klamath River in Oregon further supports the need for the CSKT Compact. A federal appeals court, after eighteen years of litigation, ruled to support tribal claims for in-stream flow to save endangered salmon and rejected irrigator’s claims concerning loss of water. The CSKT Compact addresses this issue, providing for in-stream flow and irrigation.  

As best as I can determine, the “Peoples Compact” does not address in-stream flows along with many other issues. This would likely result in years of costly litigation with little chance for irrigators to win.

Curt Rosman 



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