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Lucky Strike bowling results for the week of Nov. 24-30 and Dec. 1-7

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Lucky Strike bowling results for the week of Nov. 24-30



High Team Game:    Frank’s Meats 1158

High Team Series:    Lucky Strike Lanes         3255

High Game Scratch:    Will Rogers         246

High Game Handicap:    Ralph Wuersch         283

High Series Scratch:    Will Rogers         639

High Series Handicap:    Scott Heuer         756

Tuesday Twisters

High Team Game:    MV Security         824

High Team Series:    Bear Essentials         2364

High Game Scratch:    Zayna Irish         220

High Handicap Game:    Donna Smith         237

High Series Scratch:    Zayna Irish         583

High Series Handicap:    Linda Gerdts                   633


High Team Game:          Junior Tatonkas         995

High Team Series:    Junior Tatonkas         2836

High Game Scratch:    Justun Underwood         268

High Game Handicap:    Justin Underwood         293

High Series Scratch:    Jake Starkel         665

High Series Handicap:    Henry Symington         833

Wednesday Lucky Ladies

High Team Game:   325 Bar                         868

High Team Series:   325 Bar                         2556

High Game Scratch:   J. Underwood                  239

High Game Handicap:   J. Underwood                256

High Series Scratch:   Pam Wilson                    596

High Series Handicap:   Pam Wilson                    689

Lady StrikersDid not bowl                    

Friday Night MixedDid not bowl


Lucky Strike bowling results for the week of Dec. 1-7



High Team Game:  Pin Pals            1305

High Team Series:  Pin Pals            3545

High Game Scratch:  A.J. Bigby            290

High Game Handicap:  A.J. Bigby            320

High Series Scratch:  J. McElderry            746

High Series Handicap:  J. McElderry            827

Tuesday Twisters

High Team Game: Spare Parts            815

High Team Series: Spare Parts            2310

High Game Scratch: Zayna Irish            218

High Handicap Game: Judy Stevenson            233

High Series Scratch: Zayna Irish            521

High Series Handicap: Judy Stevenson            627


High Team Game:      Turpin’s            997

High Team Series:S&S Sports            2754

High Game Scratch:Jake Starkel            257

High Game Handicap:Jim Schoenen            296

High Series Scratch:Jake Starkel            705

High Series Handicap:Dan Roullier            772

Wednesday Lucky Ladies

High Team Game:All or Nothing            854

High Team Series:Lucky Strike Lanes    2487

High Game Scratch:Marie Bigby    220

High Game Handicap:Marie Bigby    261

High Series Scratch:Pam Wilson    593

High Series Handicap: B.J. Rinke            689

Lady Strikers

High Team Game:Lucky Strike Lanes    854

High Team Series:Lucky Strike Lanes    2442

High Game Scratch:Zayna Irish    219

High Game Handicap: Niki McDonald    254

High Series Scratch: Zayna Irish    596

High Series Handicap: Niki McDonald    686

Friday Night Mixed 

High Team Game:The Four Aces    955

High Team Series:The Four Aces    2806 


High Game Scratch: Mark Hodges    249

High Game Handicap: Daniel Tromp    272

High Series Scratch:Mark Hodges    648

High Series Handicap:Sonny Brothers    725


High Game Scratch:Johnie Underwood    234

High Game Handicap: Babe Brothers    257

High Series Scratch:   Lisa Corbett    623

High Series Handicap: Zayna Irish    734




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