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Support jail, courthouse expansion

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The proposed Lake County jail and courthouse expansion is an appropriate direction and the levy should be approved. As societies evolve and grapple with new problems it is important that social structures similarly adjust.

The purpose of societal adjustment is both (1) to better serve and protect the interests of any individual (you or someone you know), and also (2) the broader constituency (people you probably don’t know). One definition of “justice” is that you could personally find the system reasonable if you were suddenly thrown into the position of being either the accuser or the accused. In addition to those two positions are the requirements of other observers and stakeholders (justice “workers” and citizens in general). Justice would require that all parties receive adequate care and attention. Justice means much more than merely punishment.

At one long-ago time in a society far away, a judge was chosen randomly from the citizenry. Anyone could potentially be “the judge” – as well as be the accused or the accuser. Many systems of justice have evolved since then. Today’s modern humanity includes so many extreme new issues – world travel, instant information, economic fears, chemical and biological alterations, etc. It is in the better interest of any social group (Lake County) to do what it can to “keep up” with these issues. It is worth the allocation of resources to do so.   

Gene Johnson



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