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Census sites needed, businesses sign up

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News from the Montana Census 

MONTANA – The Montana Census State Complete Count Committee is asking businesses, organizations and community facilities to sign up to become a Be Counted site for the 2020 Census.

For the first time, Montanans will be able to respond to the Census online and by phone, which means partners can support the Census in new ways, including making computers, tablets, or phones available for the public to use to fill out their form.

Becoming a “Be Counted” location is easy and there are just a few simple steps to follow. The location needs to be an accessible public building such as a business, organization headquarters or community center. The location will need to provide access to a computer, tablet or phone with password protected Wifi from mid-March to early May. Sign up to become a Be Counted location at

There are many areas of Montana where internet access is not readily available, so having locations where the public can go to fill out their household form is vital to obtaining a complete count. 

Responding to the Census is quick, easy and safe. For every Montana resident counted, a Census study estimates the state will receive almost $20,000 over the next decade. In total, more than $2 billion in federal dollars goes to Montana communities each year for funding highways, medical assistance, educational programs, need-based support and infrastructure. An accurate count will also determine whether Montana will get another representative in Congress.

The actual Census count is a federally run effort. The State of Montana does not participate in any of the actual counting activities. The State’s role is promoting why it is so important for Montanans to fill out the form.


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