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Lucky Strike bowling results for the week of Oct. 4-10

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High Team Game:    Sackett’s Team       1149

High Team Series     Sackett’s Team       3305

High Game Sctch:  Sackett Jennison      259

High Game Hcap:    Sackett Jennison     281

High Series Sctch:   Sackett Jennison     709

High Series Hancp:  Sackett Jennison     775

Tuesday Twisters

High Team Game:    Lucky Strike Lanes   793

                                MV Security           793

High Team Series:   Lucky Strike Lanes    2300

High Game Sctch:   Donata Healy    211

High Hancp: Game: Donata Healy            263

High Series Sctch:   Sandi Torres             539

High Series Hancp: Auggie Peterson         631


High Team Game:    S&S Sports              990         

High Team Series     S&S Sports              2740

High Game Sctch:   Jake Starkel            258

High Game Hancp:  Jake Starkel            277

High Series Sctch:  Traver Sinclair      650

High Series Hancp:. Greg Linse              737

Wednesday Lucky Ladies

High Team Game:    All or Nothing     844

High Team Series:   Jennison Tree Svc      2352

High Game Sctch:   Johnie Underwood     222

High Game Hancp:  Marie Bigby      247

High Series Sctch:   J. Underwood           609

High Series Hancp: Shonna Elverud    651

Lady Strikers

High Team Game: Lynn’s Drive In            895

High Team Series:         Lynn’s Drive In    2466

High Game Scratch:      Jamie Webster     225

High Game Hancp:        Val Bartel           240

High Series Scratch:     Tasha Sinclair      583

High Series Hancp:       Chris Davis    666

Friday Night Mixed

High Team Game:   Playin Hookie      963


High Game Scratch:     Jesse Corbett      286

High Game Hancp:       Jesse Corbett      291

High Series Scratch:     Jesse Corbett      728

High Series Handicap:  Jesse Corbett      743


High Game Scratch:      J. Underwood     259

High Game Handicap:   J. Underwood     287

High Series Scratch:     J. Underwood     595

High Series Handicap:  R. VanMaanen     732


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