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Lucky Strike bowling results Nov. 1-7

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High Team Game:          Big Boyz Haulin’1273

High Team Series:    Access Montana3503

High Game Scratch:       Justin McElderry288

High Game Handicap:     Dan Wadsworth321

High Series Scratch:       Justin McElderry723

High Series Handicap:    Dan Wadsworth832

Tuesday Twisters

High Team Game:          Lucky Strike Lanes798

High Team Series:   Ball Babies2246

High Game Scratch:      Regina Pablo        198

High Handicap Game:    Edna Esterby        222

High Series Scratch:      Regina Pablo        555

High Series Handicap:  Regina Pablo624


High Team Game:        Wood’s Chiro        965

High Team Series:  Wood’s Chiro        2748

High Game Scratch:     Glenn Whitewater258

High Game Handicap:  Tony Turpin298

High Series Scratch:    Glenn Whitewater727

High Series Handicap:  Glenn Whitewater805

Wednesday Lucky Ladies

High Team Game:        Lucky Strike Lanes929

High Team Series:  Lucky Strike Lanes2673

High Game Scratch:       Johnie Underwood226

High Game Handicap:   Pam Wilson248

High Series Scratch:     Johnie Underwood672

High Series Handicap:    Johnie Underwood696

Lady Strikers 

High Team Game:          Stuart’s/NAPA820

Hgh Team Series:   Treasure St. Concrete2374

High Game Scratch:       Angie Wiemer        237

High Game Handicap:    Donata Healy        255

High Series Scratch:      Lisa Corbett        614

High Series Handicap:   Donata Healy         646

Friday Night Mixed 

High Team Game:         Who Knows?         976

High Team Series:   Who Knows?        2831


High Game Scratch:      Tim Jennison        266

High Game Handicap:   Tim Jennison        284

High Series Scratch:      Tim Jennison        663

High Series Handicap:   Dana Matt740


High Game Scratch:      Lisa Corbett        260

High Game Handicap:   Lisa Corbett292

High Series Scratch:     Lisa Corbett639

High Series Handicap:   Marie Bigby759

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