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Lucky Strike bowling results for the week of Jan. 10-16

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High Team Game:        Team 71233

High Team Series:        Access Montana3481

High Game Scratch:        Clay Malatare, Jr.258

High Game Handicap:        Alex Moran290

High Series Scratch:        A.J. Bigby        701

High Series Handicap         A.J. Bigby        776

Tuesday Twisters

High Team Game:      Access Montana809

High Team Series:      Mission Valley Security 2270

High Game Scratch:      Sandi Torres231

High Handicap Game:      Sandi Torres248

High Series Scratch:      Sandi Torres570

High Series Handicap:      Sandi Torres621


High Team Game:         Junior Tatonkas991

High Team Series:     Junior Tatonkas2817

High Game Scratch:     Dan Cowan        269

High Game Handicap:     Jeremy Cisney294

High Series Scratch:     Dan Cowan        749

High Series Handicap:     Dan Cowan        812

Wednesday Lucky Ladies

High Team Game:    Jennison Tree Service849

High Team Series:    Jennison Tree Service2472

High Game Scratch:    Megan Jennison        243

High Game Handicap:    Whitney Malatare        256

High Series Scratch:    Megan Jennison613

High Series Handicap:    Whitney Malatare        712

Lady Strikers

High Team Game:    Lucky Strike Lanes         839

High Team Series:    Lucky Strike Lanes         2425

High Game Scratch:    Lisa Corbett         211

High Game Handicap:    Donata Healy         242

High Series Scratch:    Lisa Corbett         593

High Series Handicap:    Donata Healy         683

Friday Night Mixed 

High Team Game:   The Four Aces        1004

High Team Series:   666        2900


High Game Scratch:   Traver Sinclair         279

High Game Handicap:  Traver Sinclair        306

High Series Scratch:  Tim Jennison        703

High Series Handicap:  Tim Jennison        751


High Game Scratch: Zayna Irish        255

High Game Handicap:  Zayna Irish        298

High Series Scratch:    Lisa Corbett        607

High Series Handicap:  Kali Twedt        783

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