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Talk about gun laws

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I’m appalled by the fact that an 18-year-old can just walk into a gun shop and buy two A-15 assault rifles, then walk into a elementary school and barricades himself in a classroom of innocent children, and start shooting to kill 19 children and two adults - well three, if you count the gun man. I agree with what President Biden said, “When are we going to start standing up to the gun lobbyists in this country?” The only problem is that the Republican party is a bunch of cowards who are afraid to lose their biggest supporter, and that is the NRA. Well, it is time for the Republican party to grow a pair and start thinking of the children and not themselves. This country is getting tired of all these mass shootings that are taking innocent lives of people who are just going about their everyday lives. So, I think that this country’s government elected officials need to get the gun laws changed.

Lynn Delecaris 

St. Ignatius


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