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News from Cassey Kinnamon

RONAN — After years of jumping through the right hoops to get to be approved for a specialized gastric bypass, because my mom, Patricia Kinnamon, had a paralyzed stomach, we finally got the procedure done on May 9. They had to cut out the dead pieces of stomach lining and make a whole new stomach. 

We had minor complications afterwards, and had to stay in Denver an extra two weeks altogether. Then she was healing, and working hard at learning to slow down her eating. She lost over 40 pounds. Started to feel better, look better.

Then about four and a half weeks ago, she started having severe lower right back pain. The pain was so intense it made her vomit. We were in and out of the ER the first three weeks with no end in sight. Finally, the surgical team from Denver helped us get primary care on board to order the proper test to see what was really going on to cause my mom so much pain.

My mom’s pain is associated with complications of her specialized gastric bypass, which is very rare. Of the handful of people that have complications, her case is 7% even more extreme and rare.

They call it a stricture.

Her symptoms are dysphagia, nausea, vomiting, and extreme abdominal pain. It’s located where her stomach and her intestines come together, and it is closing. It’s an immediate problem we need to fix before no fluids or soft foods at all can pass through.

On August 11, we got some of the test results back. Realizing how severe the problem had gotten, and talking with the team, they told us to come back down to Denver on the 22nd.

We will have to stay in Denver for at least a couple weeks. I won’t be getting a paycheck for three to four weeks, will have to board our dogs while we’re gone, and still pay rent and other standard monthly bills.

We will be holding a spaghetti dinner benefit and silent auction to seek community help at the 325 Bar in Ronan on Friday, August 19. An online fundraiser can also be found at 

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

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