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People’s Compact a bait and switch scheme

Editor, There has been much publicity about The People’s Compact, demonstrating the lobbying skills of authors. There is much more to the story that people need to understand. Increased fees. The People’s Compact does not cover the maintenance costs of the irrigation project. Under their proposal, farmers and ranchers would pay higher fees for water delivery. It leaves the irrigation project in ill repair. The People’s Compact does not allocate sufficient funding for much-needed repairs caused by decades of deferred maintenance. The irrigation project would remain outdated by current standards, inefficient and a step closer to outright system failure. It choose...

Agreeing with a new movement

Editor, There is a movement in America that both frightens and angers Donald Trump.   It has to do with climate change. This movement is called the “Sunrise Movement.” It’s a movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process. Here is a para...

Carrot is not appealing

Editor, I attended the Leon Hall “People’s Water Compact” meeting. What wasn’t there: a copy of “The People’s Water Compact.” Organizers implied that it’s under legal review and unavailable for the public. A table contained three items: propaganda; a pamp...

Legal competence questioned

Editor, In the Nov. 7 Valley Journal, Boone Cole, Tim Orr and Bruce White questioned the legality of the CSKT-Montana Water Compact and called for a “paradigm shift in this process, a new approach that follows the law.” Irrigators should question Cole, Orr and White’s legal opinions n...

Considering the tripwire in democracy

Editor, What separates the United States of America from many other countries is our deeply committed belief in those fundamental values embedded in the rule of law. One such belief is the notion that no person, regardless of station, is above it. Authoritarians will commonly politicize and demonize th...

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