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Skaters drop in for another year of Skate Jam

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POLSON — The boards were out as skaters tested their skills to celebrate their sport during the annual Skate Jam held at the Seventh Avenue Skatepark. 

This year’s Skate Jam was held Saturday, Sept. 23, with semi-clear skies, and no worry about the rain. The event brought in skaters ages 10 and up.

Nate Soehl, a skateboarder and hobbyist photographer, said: “We got many skaters at different ages and different levels.”  

A long-time skater, Soehl said he’s been skating since he was 14. He had lots to say about his love for the sport, but when asked if there was something he would like for everyone to know, he said: “Even though it’s kind of seen as a solo sport, everybody out here is super supportive, and we want to see everybody land the tricks that they’re trying.” 

He continued to describe the skating community as incredibly encouraging of one another, a sentiment most skaters at the event echoed.

Events like these connect experienced skaters, with years of knowledge to share, with the younger generation. 

Participants also said the event wouldn’t be possible without the people helping to put the event on like MVEMT Surf, Skate, Snow and owner Chuk Sisler. Sisler talked about the event and the difficulties of putting it on, including scheduling and coordinating a day of fun. He said: “I’d have to say putting the right stuff together to come and do competitions like this is a challenge.” 

Event staff thanked all the skaters who came out and participated. 

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