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Charlo has lost a great coach

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This is a letter of thanks to a great coach. I was disheartened to hear that Coach Love has stepped down as coach of the mighty Charlo Vikings football team.

I will miss seeing you walk up and down the side line; sometimes jumping for joy at a great play and other times hanging your head for a play gone wrong. It is easy to see that you love the game and that you always strive to win; putting in the best players and taking the heat from parents when they don’t agree with the call.

I can say as a parent of a player, that I fully support the calls you make and stand behind you and the other coaches. Your enthusiasm is contagious and Friday nights in Charlo will not be the same without you on the field. Charlo has lost a great football coach. We will miss you Coach Love.

I pray that your career from here on out is a successful one.

Neoma Cox


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