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Birth Announcement


Use the pill, not abortion for birth control

Editor, Here’s a novel idea on the subject of abortion. Don’t get pregnant. I’m 80 years old and grew up in an era void of legal abortion or birth control. If we got pregnant, we had the little darlings.  Then a miracle. The birth control pill was developed. It was control finally. It was there for anyone that wanted to decide when they wanted a baby and no one had to face that dreaded decision of abortion because now it’s legal. Fifty years later instead of taking the birth control pill they are using abortion as birth control. So sad. Educated women, we are told are the protesters for abortion. They want control of their own bodies. Take the pil...

Music to my ears

Editor, Imagine this: feeling deep, soul-filling joy amongst mostly strangers, two evenings in a row. That’s what happened to me. Curious? Friday night, Mission Valley Live presented a concert highlighting Robin Layne and the Rhythm Makers. It was a knee-bouncing, energy-filled evening of incredi...

Open letter to Sen. Daines, Rep. Zinke

Editor, I am not vermin. I am not a thug. I am not radical. Yet in his Veteran’s Day speech that is literally what Donald Trump called me and other voters who oppose him. I am your constituent and I expect you to stand up for me and other Montanans who don’t support treating anyone like ver...

Choose democracy or dictatorship

Editor, Our nation’s system of government stands on the cusp of change. We either choose Trump’s authoritative/dictatorial style of government or retain our democratic system of government. The Trump tirades have captured the imagination and support, home and abroad, of significant numbers of ...

Republicans just said quiet part out loud

Editor, Well, it’s clear now: A vote for a Republican is a vote to cut Social Security and Medicare. How do we know this? Because a Republican just said the quiet part out loud.  During Republicans’ second (failed) attempt to install rightwing extremist Jim Jordan as the next House Spe...

Thank you for help with ‘Pedal to Plate'

Editor, The Mission Mountain Area Pedal to Plate (MMAPP) committee is deeply grateful to the city of Ronan and surrounding area for helping make the 6th annual MMAPP, Sept. 23, 2023, a successful and safe event. Thank you to the motorists who slowed down and gave our riders space. A special thank you to o...

Vote Rehard for Polson City Commission

Editor, I also noticed nobody filed to represent Ward 2 in the coming election and now see 2 candidates. I do not live in Ward 2 however I recognize the importance of the group working together for the good of the community as a whole. One man and one woman are candidates. One offers us his time of ...

Thanks to St. Joseph’s Stuff the Truck and PHS

Editor, The Polson Loaves & Fish Pantry and all its volunteers, staff, and clients would like to thank St. Joseph Medical Center and Polson High School for their joint effort from the Pirate Football Game with STUFF THE TRUCK. St Joseph Medical Center paid for entry to the football game if people atte...

Vote for democracy, not autocracy

Editor, Hopefully our nation of voting citizens will decide against falling into a Trump style autocratic system of government and opt to retain our democratic system of government. As a nation, we are right now close to making that decision. For a democracy to work and operate well requires patience a...

Write-in Rehard for Ward 2

Editor, Lisa Rehard is a write-in candidate for the Ward 2 Polson City Commission. Ballots will be mailed to voters around Oct. 18. The city commission is a nonpartisan board. I am writing in support of Lisa for the Polson City Commission. She is a third generation Montanan. She and her husband, Mark Hubb...


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