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Legislative Notes

It seems like every day I open the newspaper and read a new decision issued by a Montana court. I’m not a lawyer, but it’s becoming apparent to me that our courts are increasingly out of control.  There have been many questionable decisions issued by our courts in recent years. One decision, however—Forward Montana v. State of Montana—is so bad that even two of the seven Montana Supreme Court justices noted that the Court had veered from the constitution.  There are three separate branches in our system of government: the legislative, the executive, and the judicial. Each branch exercises its own separate power and responsibilities.  This sepa...

Slices of Life

My family and I are amusement park geeks. Always have been.  Non-amusement park aficionados see the long lines as a deterrent. Why spend so much time in line just waiting for the 90 seconds of roller coaster wonderment?  Seems like a waste. Admittedly, there is a lot of waiting time while ...

Valley Views

Montanans have always been serious about governing themselves in the way they see fit.  While we have a representative government—i.e. one in which we elect officials to represent, lead and act on our behalf in governing—Montanans have never ceded complete control over our lives, liberty and...

Put America first

Editor, Currently our democracy is lost unless we stand up against the tyranny of the Biden administration and the progressive Left. The dictatorial Left under the Biden administration has removed many of our freedoms and are attacking others. We hear day to day from the Left, how if President Trump wins ...

Is Trump too young?

Editor, Is Biden too old? Try asking this: “Is Trump too young?” Daily, Trump demonstrates that he has not developed the maturity to have impulse control, empathy, concern for the welfare of others, an ability to analyze evidence … and more. He misbehaves much like a selfish five-year-o...

Legislative Notes Legislative Notes

It takes a lot to surprise me anymore when it comes to politics or government. But suing to block funding for special needs kids to get an education that works for them? That’s a new low.  In case you missed the news in January, a lawsuit has been filed seeking to overturn the 2023 Legislature&...

Slices of Life

We are in the ‘amore’ season of the year.  Love. Kisses. Hearts. Roses. Romantic cards. Candles. Champagne. A box of chocolates.  On February 14 we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Or, better put, some of us do. For many years, the day had personal significance to me because I ...

Legislative Notes

As a practicing lawyer, I am often reluctant to criticize decisions made by a court.  However, last week, the Montana Supreme Court rendered a decision involving legislative rules which is absolutely stunning. One of the basic principles of our system of government is the separation of powers. Under ...

Valley Views

On Feb. 8 (and in this newspaper issue), senator (and lawyer) Steve Fitzpatrick (R-SD 10) published a guest view in the Independent Record chastising the Montana Supreme Court for a “stunning” decision. The Senator’s litany of complaints included that the Court violated the separation of po...

We cannot afford to lose our democracy

Editor, Three considerations: (A) In our nation, black or white, rich or poor, liberal or conservative, male or female, young or old, our experiences have generally formed a trust in our two-party democratic system of government. However, many Republicans are presently baffled and bewildered by current...

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