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I would like to thank the group "Calling All Conservatives" for the great event they put on Tuesday evening at the Ronan Community Center.

The crowd was large (I'm sure at least 300), enthusiastic, and very polite. Regardless of your political affiliation, there were very informative speakers and a video that put things in perspective. The section about the Federal Reserve was an eye opener. There are enough shenanigans coming from both parties. If people are willing to educate themselves about our history, our Constitution, and how our elected officials are conducting business, they can become informed and decide for themselves which way to vote. 

I was also impressed with focus groups they have started that will meet separately from their main monthly event. This will give people a chance to dig deeper into issues they are interested in. I don't remember each group, but there was a Second Amendment focus group, Tenth Amendment, Preparedness, Property Rights, Voter Issues, and Constitutional Studies (I can't remember the others).  People can attend these focus groups that I believe will meet at least once a month at different nights and locations. What a great way to become informed and involved in issues that interest you the most.

I was told these will be monthly events held on the second Tuesday of each month, with the next being Feb. 9 at the same place.

I encourage everyone who is concerned about the direction of our government, be it local, state or national, to attend and become involved with a great bunch of people from all walks of life. No one will agree on 100 percent of the issues, but regardless of party affiliation, I think most people can agree on most of the things that are either hurting or helping our great country. Thanks to everyone who had a hand in putting on this wonderful event.

It's been long awaited.

John Rayford

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