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Salish Kootenai College celebrates 38th graduation ceremony

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PABLO – It was a day of accomplishment and celebration for graduates at the Salish Kootenai College as they received their degrees Saturday afternoon.

“You are blazing trails for future students. You are blazing trails for your family, your children, for our community and for the professions you are entering,” Dr. Sandra Boham said to the graduates during her commencement speech. She is the president of Salish Kootenai College.

The SKC Class of 2018 consists of 149 undergraduates receiving a total of 16 Bachelor of Arts degrees, 28 Bachelor of Science degrees, seven Bachelor of Social work degrees, 44 Associate of Arts degrees, 50 Associate of Science degrees and four Associate of Applied Science degrees. Salish Kootenai College also awarded 53 Certificates of Completion and 43 Workforce Certifications.

Boham went on to thank the class for their perseverance and dedication. “You have been an incredible shining example of what happens when you set a goal and fight to get there.”

Dr. Larry Gianchetta, dean emeritus of the School of Business Administration at University of Montana, delivered commencement remarks to the graduates.

“Think of all the people who helped you through this process,” Gianchetta said. “Extend your appreciation to them for their support. It’s important for you to recognize them. Take time to thank them for their advice, guidance and support.”

SKC gave honorary degrees to Catherine Mathias Hamel and Francis “Gene” Sorrell. Business technology department head and instructor Nancy Nelson was given the 2018 Teacher of the Year, and first year nursing student JoDawna Tso was awarded 2018 Student of the Year.


Certificates of Completion Highway Construction

Trevor Anderson

Isaiah Asencio

Kade Jordan Baker

Allison Brooks

Jonathon Brown

Jenae R.Cox 

Deric Colton Denney

Jonel J. Kallowat

Wesley S. McCuin

Colt R. Momberg

Nona Morrison

Ashton Old Elk

Michael Sioux

Lomar Wandering Medicine


Dental Assisting Technology

Rakenda Anderson

Brittani Alysse

Belardi Williamson

Christine Bigcrane

Sarah Margaret Brovold

George W. Costley Jr

Alondra Dailey

Charles DeRoche

Olivia Dunn

Brittney Jordan

April Henderson

Haley Hoover

Brandon Kalilikane

Brandis Klun

Kiana Cassandra Lopez

Shelby Jean Morris

Amber Rose

Peterson Tanuvasa

Kayleigh Sellers

Makia Slaughter

MiKylie Stephen

Mika Nicole Steuben

Maria Olene Strick

Hannah Thode

Maddison V. Vickrey

Hannah Wilcox

Rachael Wilson

George Young


Office Professions

Sheila J. Massingale


Office Assistant

Melanie Petticrew


Medical Office Clerk

Corleah Barnaby

Genia Burris

Sierra Dawn Grinsell

Sheila J. Massingale

Merissa M.L. Pablo

Miranda L. Pablo

Paula B. Sayers


Emergency Services

LeEllen Bundy McLeod

Lotoya Thomas


Grant Projects Assistant 

Tamerack Christopher Shourds Sr.


Associate of Arts Degrees

Business Management 

Charmaine B. Aracand 

Aquino Jamaal Brinson

Christa Bethany Cooper

Justin Craig DuMontier

Lacie M. Lahr

Alicia M. LaRance

Whitney Malatare

Sheila J. Massingale

Shea Lynn Monroe

Richard Donovan Pierre

Allison Dawn Pretty On Top

ShyAnn Autumn Raining Bird

John Rouse

Tamerack Christopher Shourds Sr.

Meaghan Simeon


Early Childhood Education

Beth Ellen Burns

Jill M. Wabaunsee

Faye Lynn Yazzie

Kaitlyn Lara Burrowes

Shawna Oakley

Morgan Valentine


Liberal Arts

Barron L. Abrahamson

Cedric C. Earthboy

Calista Rose Magpie

Mary E. Moore

Violet Pablo


Native American Studies

Virginia R. Morigeau



Keenan Lee Barlow

Jamie Baszler

Joanie Ann Bull in Sight

Samantha Friedlander

Flower Gopher-Smith

Lenee` Marjerison

Lily M. Stops

Kristin Elizabeth Venske

Skyleesha S. Whiteman


Chemical Dependency Counseling

Kayla Brueckmann

Dana Comes At Night

Annie Irene Evans

Julie Lamberson Fisher

Timothy James Fox

Logan Thomas Gordon

Landon Ray Heavy Runner

Sirraya L. Swank


Fine Arts

Tammy Sue Hirsch


Media Design

Spencer Kittle

Victoria Eileen Peterson

Douglas White


Tribal Governance & Administration

LaRenzo W. Roanbear


Associate of Applied Science Degrees

Business Technology

Sheila J. Massingale


Medical Assistant

Flower Gopher-Smith

Sierra Dawn Grinsell

MaryAnn RunningCrane


Associate of Science Degrees

Elementary Education

Hillary Joyce Beauchamp

Sam William Hoff

Tashina Chauntel McKeever

Eduvina Orozco-Charlo

Jason Alan Ries

Kyler M. Rutz

Courtney Mae Vaughan


Forestry (management)

Kelley V. Bolton

Tisen Fryberg

Nizhoni Harvey

Deland Ray Olney

Trenton Buck Pimms

Kaylei Ryan


Forestry (fire)

Sterling L. Barnaby



Mohammed Dib Banna

Elyssa Hawk

Justin McCollum

Morgan Sage Schultz

Timothy Charles Talbert


Information Technology

Charles Beauvais

Derek U. Dorrance

Anthony Jordan 

Michael Joel Stringer



Makayla M. Castillo

Tia M. Espinoza

Michelle Garrihy

Benjamin Michael Garrison

Sidney Gourneau

Brittany Grant

Amanda Hutchinson

Sokoya Emme LaDeaux

Tyler Thomas Marceau

Rex Martin

Kelly Jo Ogden

Tina Patrick

Robert Howard Retallick

Sarey J. Robinson

John L. Sonderegger III


Wildlife and Fisheries

Hannah Amelia Bryson

Brandon Lee Kittson

Robin L. Preston

Alisha McDanal

Ian Issaia McRyhew


Mathematical Sciences

Isaac Z. Cain

Daryl Conko-Camel

Sheila J. Massingale


General Science

Ashland Ahenakew

Felicia S. Blandov

Marissa Grant-Basler

Elyssa Hawk

Mary India Burleson Trogden


Bachelor of Arts Degrees

Business Administration

Amelia A. Adams

Delphine L. Arizana

Sheila J. Massingale



Theresa R. Arrive

Irene Louise Augare

Elizabeth Kathryn Mikel Baxter

Alice F. Caye

Tammy Sue Hirsch

Erin L. Irvine

Amanda M. Means

Cara Marie Small

Elizabeth Talbert


Tribal Historic Perservation

Robert J. Bearheart Jr.

Janel Bell

Aspen Ann Decker

Virginia R. Morigeau



Early Childhood Education

Heather Anne Currie


Early Childhood Education Pre-School -3

Sarah Lynn Lamphere

Bryanna Peterson

Lisa Marie Wall-Wilbert


Elementary Education

Sarah Lynn Anderson

Vanessa Garfield

Heather D. Jeanes-Holmes

Sierra Kimberly Matt

Adreane Rane Tailfeathers

Daveralyn G. Todd


Secondary Math Education

Sheila J. Massingale



Bryan Gregory Dupuis

Molly Stammer



Information Technology

Cyrus Antoine

Kyle Hook

Lauren G. Arnoux

Ashley Balletto

Christian Buth

April L. Charlo

Susan Helen Christopher

Kami M. Crass

Michael Ryan Denny

Angela K. Fowlkes

Derek Holt

Shelbie Jae-Lynne Piedalue


Wildlife & Fisheries

Amanda Jo Berens

Elizabeth Keksi

Brett Charles Stevenson



Mary Lynn Barrus Seymour

Chelsea Jo Boggess

Autumn Diller

Kimberly Ann Jean Joseph

Donald P. Roberts

Clarissa Lanita Stenstorm

Tamberly Kay Wagner


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