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Lucky Strike bowling results for the week of Dec. 2-8

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High Team:               The Munson’s1252

High Team Series:Frank’s Meats3666

High Game Scratch:Pat Dellwo        265

High Game Handicap:Pat Dellwo        283    

High Series Scratch:Pat Dellwo        705    

High Series Handicap:Dennis Dellwo802

Tuesday Twisters

High Team Game:MV Security       842    

High Team Series:Spare Parts2370

High Game Scratch:Regina Pablo220

High Handicap Game:Clara Sipe        256

High Series Scratch:Regina Pablo597

High Series Handicap:Regina Pablo657

        Katrina McKay657


High Team Game:     Lynn’s Drive In953    

High Team Series:Lynn’s Drive In2615    

High Game Scratch:Brian Dupuis254    

High Game Handicap:Don Cisney269    

High Series Scratch:Shawn Barber650  

 High Series Handicap:Don Cisney741

Wednesday Lucky Ladies

High Team Game:     Lucky Strike Lns. 895    

High Team Game:     The Boo Bees      2450

High Game Scratch:   J. Underwood     243

High Game Handicap:J. Underwood    253

High Series Scratch:  B.J. Rinke       628

High Series Handicap:B.J. Rinke       703

Lady Strikers

High Team Game:  Subway-Polson835    

High Team Series:  The Bird2385    

High Game Scratch: Niki Graham232    

High Game Handicap:Fontella Webster235

High Series Scratch: Lisa Corbett        595    

High Series Handicap:Fontella Webster 644

Friday Night Mixed 

High Team Game:Splits N Giggles1013

High Team Series:Splits N Giggles2827


High Game Scratch: Jesse Corbett      278    

High Game Handicap:Lee Grant         306    

High Series Scratch:Tim Jennison 788 

High Series Handicap:Tim Jennison 788


High Game Scratch:Zayna Irish258

High Game Handicap:Zayna Irish302

High Series Scratch:Lisa Corbett        631    

High Series Handicap:Lisa Corbett748

Lucky Strike Lanes Scratch League

Session No. 1

High Game: Jake Starkel237

        Johnie Underwood230

        Mike Irvine222

High Series:Mike Irvine627

        Brad Stevens609

        Rick Kinkel572

League average Session No. 1:  177.8

Session No. 2

High Game: Tim Jennison276

        Will Rogers243

        Justin Underwood234

High Series:Tim Jennison674

                        Will Rogers642                              

                        Lisa Corbett612

League average Session No. 2: 181.5


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