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Whose interests does Ryan Zinke support? Communities? Businesses? Apparently big businesses.

A report from the Dept. of Interior Inspector General office revealed that he intentionally misled investigators (who work under a Trump-appointed Inspector General) while he was the Secretary of the Interior. The investigators were researching claims that Zinke had blocked two Connecticut Tribes’ casino projects as a favor to their competitor, MGM International Resorts, which was building a casino nearby. 

Zinke asked that they not release this report until after this November’s election.

The report was released Aug. 24, and is public:

Western Montana, where Zinke is running for the US House seat, is home to a lot of tribal land.  What does this report say about his statements versus his actions? Zinke claims to have Montana values and be interested in the welfare of all its citizens, but prioritizes mega corporations over local interests. Fair and equal treatment of local businesses by someone in a powerful office? Ask two Tribes in Connecticut.


Stephanie Brancati

Big Arm


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