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If a Republican was ever going to vote for a Democrat, Montana’s HD 1 is the race. Monica Tranel is about representing all Montanans, not just the Rs or the Ds. As a lawyer, Monica has a track record of fighting hard for working Montanans and has a proven record of taking on corporate monopolistic interests, including Northwestern Energy. Monica has been Montana focused. Her efforts have helped our citizens enjoy a better, fairer, more affordable life in Montana. 

Her opponent, Ryan Zinke, is just the opposite. Zinke’s history has shown that he is for sale to corporate interests, and is willing to partner with monied interests if he can benefit financially.  Think: Whitefish brewery bankrolled by Halliburton, MGM vs tribal casinos, Whitefish Energy’s $300m Puerto Rican power grid project, diminished protection of public lands, and false navy travel vouchers. Zinke will not represent working Montanans. In recent years he has spent little time in the state and prefers hobnobbing with the monied one percenters, not Judy or Joe Montanan. In the past, he has proven unreliable in protecting the rights of our working citizens. Unfortunately, we can’t trust him. Please consider voting for Monica Tranel, a principled Montanan.

Craig McClure


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