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You gotta love our Legislature - they make Houdini look like Bozo the Clown. Most recently they introduced, for your vote this coming election, the Born-Alive Protection Act, an anti-abortion provision intended to change our state constitution from allowing to prohibiting a woman’s choice in reproduction matters. Move on folks, nothing to see here. Yeah, right.

No matter if you support or oppose our current constitutional provisions regarding a woman’s right to choose, our intrepid elected officials present a law that changes how birth dates are recognized statewide that conflicts with national standards. They make up one specific to Montanan’s soon to be conceived. I can’t foresee a single problem coming, can you?

The conflicts with such things using birth date as the marker (drinking, driving, military service, social security, tax deduction, etc.) will only create massive headaches and issues. For example, our legislature wants to make a few weeks after an egg is fertilized the ‘birth’ date of record. Think you can get your kid a social security card based on that? And, um, which day did your fetus pass the benchmark to be declared born. How do you know unless you have a daily exam?  Obvious answer of course is your best guess. Does that need an official record someplace?

But those geniuses who thought this up have instead one real intent: they oppose abortion, they know a majority of others do not. Opposition is established in one’s mind and beliefs, not tied to one brand of religion or another. Separation of church and state are guaranteed, as are many individual rights, in our constitution. Born-Alive Protection Act as presented on your ballot is as un-American as you could imagine and should be considered as bad as any fear you have of a government taking control of your life.

Reject this change to our State Constitution. No on B-A-P-A. 

Rich Bell



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