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We choose how to face challenges

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Our nation is presently going through a very present political crisis. This crisis is a clear example of the outworking of our human frailties. These frailties involve anger, attack, and blaming others for our own fears in life. 

Our nation went through, and continues to go through, these human frailties with our former president Donald Trump. His presidency enlivened these human frailties in this country, and many brought them right out into action. 

Let’s be clear and honest here: we each face life having to make choices on whether to face challenges with anger, attacking and blaming others for our problems, or with reason, sensible thoughts, positive actions, and taking personal responsibility for our problems.   

That is life, and life is a classroom. We can either listen and learn from the demonstrations of anger, attack, and blame, or learn from teachers of sensible reasoning and take responsibility for our own problems. 

This is my personal view on things right now.   

Bob McClellan



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