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Consider Zinke

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There are many reasons to vote for Ryan Zinke. He believes in borders, he knows that this out-of-control spending by congress and the current administration has to stop, he knows killing fossil fuels is not the answer for the planet, he knows that girls should compete against girls in sports, he knows parents matter in education and he knows Montana.  

He knows inflation with its high gas prices and high food prices is hardest on those that can least afford it, and he knows we can’t afford this crazy increase in the cost of housing. My daughter just built a house. In the five months it took to build, the mortgage interest doubled. The cost of building a house has also doubled. How is she going to afford that?

The current administration is out of touch and congress is on a spending spree that won’t stop. While the price of gas eats more and more of our family checkbook his opponent thinks we are in a perfect place to kill fossil fuels. Ryan believes in a balanced ‘all of the above’ energy strategy. 

Sending a democrat back to Washington D.C. is not the answer.  

Vote Ryan Zinke.

Susan Lake



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