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Montana is full of many folks with many opinions and beliefs. We live in a very partisan times and our state is no different than many places across this great nation. While there is a place to express one’s political beliefs, the Supreme Court of the State of Montana is not that place. We must keep the Court out of the petty, hateful partisan politics. 

That brings me to the ads which are running everywhere for James Brown, who is running for the Supreme Court. Mr. Brown’s ads are so full of extreme political statements, most of which are untrue and reek of an attempt to scare one segment of the voting population to vote based on his hateful statements. My belief is that these ads show a complete lack of respect for the Judicial system which should always be above petty party politics, and therefor he has shown he should not only not be elected to the State’s highest court, but he should not even be allowed in the building. The time is ripe for folks who want to unite us and not divide us.

Bob Lee



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