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To voters still weighing which candidate to vote for in the race for U.S. Congress representing Montana’s new 1st District, I urge you to vote for Democrat Monica Tranel. Not only are you voting for the most capable candidate to represent our district, you are helping to keep the U.S. House in Democratic hands. 

Too much is at stake to hand power to Republicans, whose fringe element of insurrectionist enablers is now the GOP mainstream. With Republicans in charge, expect legislation to nationally criminalize abortion and throw doctors and other providers in jail. Expect disruptive and distracting investigations and impeachments in retaliation for impeaching Trump and investigating Jan. 6. Expect demonization and defunding of the DOJ, FBI, IRS, and other government agencies. Prepare for Republicans to blow up the economy by refusing to raise the debt limit while using the threat of default to extort major cuts in Social Security and Medicare. Expect the GOP to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Prepare for the GOP to repeal elements of the Inflation Reduction Act that support renewable energy and lower prescription drug costs. Expect the GOP to suppress voting rights and reject election results unfavorable to their party. Expect Monica’s Republican opponent, Ryan Zinke, to vote lockstep with his GOP brethren.

Having a functional government should not be a partisan issue, but we are in a new, frightening era of American politics and governance. We need smart, pragmatic leaders like Monica Tranel to counter the chaos and dysfunction threatened by MAGA Republicans in Congress. Having a government that works is critical to a thriving economy, our national brand, and our precious democracy. Please consider casting your vote for Monica Tranel for U.S. House District 1.

Beth Waterbury

St. Ignatius

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