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Slices of Life

An early season of gratitude

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The yearly calendar tells us (or at the very least gives us clues) as to what we should dwell on - a.k.a. think about at any given time.

We just passed the back-to-school, number-two pencil, don’t wear white after Labor Day stage and are entering the spooky, scary movie, costumized, pumpkinized, trick or treat, break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar month.

After that comes November, and we all know what November brings - well, besides turkeys.

I’m talking about thankfulness. It’s never too early, or too late to be thankful. In this vein, this year, I’m getting a jump on gratitude.

Here’s my list, but please, please put together one of your own. (I’ll be forever grateful if you do.)

Honey bees on sunflowers.

Clouds in the sky, when rain is badly needed.

A light breeze on a warm day.

A bonfire at night.

A family pumpkin carving contest.

Crafts and wine with friends - not necessarily in that order.

Baby bunnies, puppies, kitties and humans (not necessarily in that order).

A deep breath. An easy breath. The first breath after swimming a long distance under water.

Sunday funday - and whatever that means for you.

Time alone. Time together. Time holding hands.

The cool side of a plush and fluffy pillow.

A peaceful, full-night’s sleep.

The sun shining in your window in the morning.

A tasty meal that you didn’t have to shop for, cook or clean up after.

The peace within.

A destination, any destination.

Clean sheets.

Remembering to be grateful.

Reaping the benefits of gratitude.

People who understand gratitude.

Art. Music. Creativity.

Pursuing art, music and creativity.

Pursuing love.

Pursuing your passion.

Dogs. Cats. Animals in general.

Maybe not snakes, but I’m keeping an open mind.

Straws that don’t endanger turtles.

Turtles crossing the road.

The color pink.

The color yellow.

The color turquoise.

Oh, heck, all the colors. Every last one of them. 


Rainbow-colored lollipops.

Tiny pink booties. Tiny blue booties.

An impromptu bonfire.

People who smile at you for no reason.

People who hold the door for others.

People who are kind to animals

People who are kind. Period.

People who have wronged you.

People you have wronged.


The miraculous invention of eyeglasses that give people the ability to see 20/20. Imagine life before that.

The simplicity of Gilligan’s Island. The Brady Bunch. Little House on the Prairie. Happy Days.

Scheduling your day to make sure you caught The Partridge Family.

Life before reality TV.

The beauty of streaming TV.

Having five channels available on TV.

Having hundreds of channels available on TV.

Free samples.

Free speech.

Free ideas.

Free anything, unless it is a snake.

A good book.

The good book.

Leaving a potluck with an empty crock pot.

Ending the day with a grateful heart. 

It’s never too early (or too late) to be grateful. We tend to reserve it for one month (or one long weekend) of the year, but gratitude is underrated. It deserves to be the main dish all year long. Serve it up with a large helping of whipped cream or mashed potatoes, but serve it up. 

By all means, serve it up. 

Jill Pertler is an award-winning syndicated columnist, published playwright and author. Don’t miss a slice; follow the Slices of Life page on Facebook.

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