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Der Fuhrer is here.

As I read James C Nelson’s letter to the editor I was impressed with his candor and his inability to judge what is actually happening, especially since he is a former judge. As a former judge I thought he might be measured in his inflammatory rhetoric, but I was sadly disappointed. He accused Trump that if he wins, he will remove thousands of workers from FBI, DOJ, etc. and replace them with MAGA loyalists. Purging loyal military officers over social engineering, climate change, CRT, and manufactured extremism. This is what exactly happened with Obama and Biden when they came to power.

He also claimed that President Trump would prosecute his political enemies. What do you think is happening right now with the political witch hunt against Trump and anyone who supports him.

When President Trump won the election in 2020, it was your patriotic duty to call the election into question. Now when supposedly Biden won the election, it is treasonous to question the integrity of the election even though there is mountains of evidence to prove otherwise.

As far as the so-called vitriol of President Trump, it is nothing compared to the speech made by Biden against anyone that was a MAGA supporter. Listening to Biden and his supporters, anyone that has conservative views are a danger to democracy. This is exactly how the Germans created the Holocaust by the demonization of the Jews. Judging from former Judge Nelson’s letter and from the vitriol that is coming from the Dems, they would like to accomplish the same thing here as had happened in Germany. Unless the Left tones down their rhetoric, I am afraid that many lives will be damaged as the Left tries to hold on to their dictatorial rule and increase their power in 2024. Everything Nelson accuses Trump of doing and wanting to do is actually happening now by the Democrats.

We will need strong leaders like Trump, Desantis, Halley and many others if we want to have any hope of avoiding Gulags being created for anyone voicing dissent.

Lonnie D. Haack


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