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Attitude healing in regards to politics needed

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A brief assessment on our national confusion I term “Trumpism.” This is the human nature attitude and behavior involving anger, fear, attack and blaming others for your own problems.

The challenges we face in life are certainly not a new phenomenon. I name it “Trumpism” simply because it has been brought to public awareness during the entire Donald Trump public performance. His public display of these negative aspects of human nature have been front and center daily. This whole experience, individually and collectively, is something we can and should learn from.

We need a “healing-of-attitudes” involving our nation’s political system. There is a great need for restoring healthy and effective bipartisan democratic values and decision making in American politics. This restoration requires intraparty cooperation and peaceful solutions. Our democratic form of government provides both our elected politicians and each and all of us constituents with responsibilities. And these responsibilities need to be carried out with positive attitudes and actions. Not only will our personal and political lives improve here at home, but our healthy democratic system of government will help heal the world.

As my mother used to tell us kids over and over again: “Peace and poise amidst the noise, gives you power in this hour.”

Bob McClellan



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