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City celebrates centennial by planting trees

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RONAN – Certified arborist Rick Jennison, along with approximately ten community members came together May 7 to plant 100 trees in celebration of Arbor Day, and to recognize Ronan’s Centennial. Volunteers helped plant approximately five different kinds of trees, including fruit trees and evergreens, throughout the city park, and in other areas of Ronan. Jennison gave volunteers a crash course on how to properly transplant trees to increase their survival rate.

“My theory is, if I educate people how to properly plant trees that survive, people won’t have to keep replacing dead (trees),” Jennison said.

The task of planting 100 trees in one day was a big challenge, he added. 

“I’m not sure if we will be able to plant all of them today, but we will get it done,” he said.

At the end of the day the group had planted approximately 50 trees, and will continue on and off until all 100 are planted. 

According to Ronan Tree Board member Monte Wunderlich, volunteers planted trees all around the city. Trees were planted upon request for a small fee.

“We will put trees wherever people want them,” Jennison said.

As Jennison began planting the first tree, he educated volunteers on how to properly transplant trees.  After digging a hole, he placed a shovel handle across the hole to show how important it is for the roots to be level with the ground. 

“Even when you buy a plant in a pot, find the root flare and make sure it’s even with the top of the soil.” Jennison said.

Jennison also suggests placing mulch around the base of the tree to prevent mower blades from damaging the tree. 

“Weed-eater blades and mowers are the number one killers of trees,” Jennison said.

Once the tree was covered up with topsoil and mulch, Jennison prepared a sugary cocktail for the plant using animal grade molasses. Jennison mixed a cup of molasses with five gallons of water, and poured the mixture over the small tree. The sugar helps the tree transition into creating its own sugar once the tree buds out. 


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