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Town works to improve water quality

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ST. IGNATIUS — Last Tuesday night, St. Ignatius City Council members discussed ongoing projects to improve the town’s water quality.

According to city council member Scott Morton, the city has been working on the water system since 2009. The original project was to add a third city well and replace water lines on three streets. These water lines were built in 1991 and were not finished.

In July of 2010, the Department of Environmental Quality tested the St. Ignatius water system. The test came back positive for E. coli, so the DEQ required a chlorine treatment system be installed to sanitize the water supply.

The chlorine pump project and the new well project were combined and the chlorine pumps were installed. Upon inspection, the DEQ is now requiring an additional 160 feet of 20-inch piping be installed. This will insure that the chlorine mixes properly before hitting the main system.

The city has sidelined the original third well project for the time being and is currently accepting bids on the new water system project. City employees will conduct all building and mechanical work.

“It should save the town quite a bit of money,” Morton said.

Morton hopes to begin construction by the end of July.

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