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Yay, more government control

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We have no wolf hunting because a stupid judge rules with the encouragement of brain-dead environmentalists.

My 14-year-old granddaughter published an article about how the wolves harm deer and elk. She is a country girl, so she knows. A very nice rancher offered her a chance to hunt elk on his ranch. This made up for the nasty comments she received on the computer from people. She is a tough girl. Just a week or so ago she and her younger brother were hunting with their dad. They went for a hike and when they were walking back to the pickup there were fresh wolf tracks next to their footprints. When they stopped at the game check station, they asked fish and game wardens if they were aware of wolves in the area, and they said there were five packs just in that area.

Did you ever see a 500-pound calf hamstrung from a pack of wolves chewing and slashing it? It was still alive so the fish and game department took photos. They admitted it was wolves. They cannot pay though, because it wasn’t dead.

Did you ever have Grizzly bears raid your ranch and kill a bunch of baby calves, then partially bury them until they came back to kill more? Actually leaving some calves barely alive? Does a child or person have to be killed by a pack of wolves, a lion or a bear before we wake up?

Stop government control. Stop these terrible useless wars and keep our boys from being killed and crippled. If you need a billion trip to outer space or the moon, please take a few environmentalists, judges and politicians with you and leave them up there. 

Maybe our country could then pull itself out of debt and at least take care of our own people, which they haven’t done for many years.

Wilma Bick

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