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Articles with the Tag: Macman

Go fish Go fish

Fishermen,   Perch are biting at East Bay. We caught 200 and I’m filleting 80 right now. Also, lake trout at Big Arm in 50 feet and up at the Delta. Caught on Rattle D Zastor. I’ve got a new setup: a dropper below a flat jig. Trolling at Angel Point West. Swan and Lake Mary are st...

Macman catches biggest perch he’s ever seen Macman catches biggest perch he’s ever seen

News from Dick Zimmer, The Macman It appears that we are closing in on the end of a perch cycle. There is a huge number of incredibly large mature fish, and by large, I mean they are consistently bigger than I’ve ever seen in a lifetime of having fished there. Thirteen inches is not uncommon. &nbs...

Macman catches most perch ever

Fishermen: I thought a short note to you all would be appropriate considering most would like to know when there is good fishing within walking distance if you live in Polson.   Recent warm weather has activated smallmouth bass and perch. Yesterday, May 31, my faithful dog, Molly, and I motored in...

Perch fishing good around new Polson city dock Perch fishing good around new Polson city dock

Fishermen, What bites well in the perch in a 35 to 45 foot depth? This includes all the weedy areas in Flathead Lake proper (the lake north of the narrows.) Lake whitefish just below the thermocline, but very close to it. This is a narrow thermal layer that has a 10 degree difference in temperature fro...

Perch biting on east side of Polson Bay Perch biting on east side of Polson Bay

Fishermen:  It looks like the perch have finally begun to bite at the east side of Polson Bay.  Though I haven’t been there myself as I head up to Finnian Slough to catch bait fish, I’ve seen a cluster of boats on the south central part of the bay.  A reminder that I’m pay...

Unseasonable weather increases fish harvest Unseasonable weather increases fish harvest

Fishermen, In my 68 years on planet earth I’ve never had an awareness of how good fishing could be in Polson Bay. A summer combination of high temperatures, more weed growth, knowledge of where the fish are and a spike in the new burgeoning population of small mouth bass added together equaled spect...

Best perch fishing ever Best perch fishing ever

Fishermen, In the last few weeks we’ve had the best summer perch fishing around the docks at Polson than I can ever remember. Recently I was out with Eric Smithers from Missoula along with three of his kids —  Anna, the oldest, Aaron and Caleb. Once we were into the fish there was no goin...

Moving to find Lake Trout best approach

The Mack Days Tournament is coming on me like a stampeding herd of Buffalo. Getting ready for it and the spring perch bite has kept us in hyperactive mode. The money amount for this tournament has almost doubled plus three more days has been added per week to expand the total fish caught. The extreme pres...

Perch biting while ice fishing East Bay Perch biting while ice fishing East Bay

Fishermen, We’ve been given the gift of early ice and as East Bay is one of the first bodies of water to freeze up, that’s where I’ve concentrated my efforts. Also where the fish are, if a fella should fall through, it wouldn’t be catastrophic; just unpleasant, with which I have so...

Perch biting in Polson Bay Perch biting in Polson Bay

Fishermen,  It is that time again. The perch bite is on at the east side of Polson Bay on Flathead Lake. Miles Marchi and I made a foray out there April 3rd. The picture is of the 44 perch I caught and kept. Miles had a couple of real jumbos. I’d like to have included Miles in the picture but w...


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