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High school and Wrangler athletes compete at Butte Rodeo

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BUTTE — Local cowboys and cowgirls got back into high school rodeo competition last weekend at the Butte High School Rodeo. The two-day event included full rodeos on Saturday and Sunday, along with a full state of Montana Wrangler Division Rodeo Association competition.

On Saturday, Jaylynn Garrison earned sixth in pole bending with a run of 22.89 seconds, followed by Kelsie Blevins in seventh at 22.90. Garrison also finished sixth in barrel racing at 18.67, while Becky Jo Dumont clocked a run of 18.70 to place seventh.

Cody Sheridan and Colt Nagy paired up to place fifth out of 22 teams in team roping, with a run of 21.50.

On Sunday, Nichele Marmon and Dustin Stephens won the high school team roping event with a quick time of 7.90 seconds. Sheridan and Nagy also had a good run of 12.57 seconds to place third.

Dumont put together a good run of 18.21 seconds in barrel racing to take second place. Emily Schall had a run of 18.49 to place sixth.

Lexi Bagnell led area pole benders with a 14th place finish in 23.40.

In the MWDRA Wrangler Division, Abby Knight won Saturday's pole bending with a time of 22 seconds flat. Nichole Lake was fifth in 23.10.

Knight also won the girls' breakaway roping with a time of 5.62, and was third in goat tying with a run of 11.67, followed by Callie Otoupalik in fourth at 13.82. Otoupalik also earned second in the MWDRA barrel racing with a time of 18.82. Knight followed close behind in 18.87 to place third, while Lake posted a time of 19.23 to finish sixth.

Robert Rider was fifth in boys' breakaway roping in 16.15 seconds, and took sixth in boys' goat tying with a run of 19.22.

On Sunday, Knight won the MWDRA pole bending competition with a time of 21.79 seconds. The Charlo cowgirl also won the barrel racing event with a time of 18.37.

Wyatt Lytton and Nichole Lake teamed up to win the MWDRA ribbon roping competition in 19.94 seconds, followed by Will Powell and Knight in 21.69 to finish third.


Butte High School Rodeo

and Wrangler Division

April 25-26, 2010


Pole Bending
Jaylynn Garrison, 22.89, 6th out of 50
Kelsie Blevins, 22.90, 7th
Michaela Blevins, 27.06, 25th
Rebecca Lake, 28.07, 29th
Moriah Gilmore, 28.25, 30th
Lexi Bagnell, NT

Breakaway Roping
(no one caught)

Goat Tying
Jessica Read, 10.42, 11th out of 39
Rebecca Lake, 14.87, 23rd
Kelsie Blevins, 15.29, 24th
Jaylynn Garrison, 18.20, 28th
Lexi Bagnell, 30.24, 29th

Calf Roping
Cody Sheridan, NT
Colt Nagy, NT

Team Roping
Cody Sheridan & Colt Nagy, 21.50, 5th out of 22

Barrel Racing
Jaylynn Garrison, 18.67, 6th out of 59
Becky Jo Dumont, 18.70, 7th
Jessica Read, 19.02, 12th
Kelsie Blevins, 19.22, 17th
Rebecca Lake, 19.45, 22nd
Michaela Blevins, 20.56, 31st
Lexi Bagnell, 24.15, 47th
Moriah Gilmore, 25.33, 50th

MWDRA Pole Bending
Abby Knight, 22.00, 1st out of 14

Nichole Lake, 23.10, 5th
Callie Otoupalik, 32.08, 11th

MWDRA Boys Breakaway Roping
Robert Rider, 16.15, 5th out of 9
Will Powell, NT

MWDRA Chute Dogging
Will Powell, NT

MWDRA Girls Breakaway roping
Abby Knight, 5.62, 1st out of 11
Callie Otoupalik, NT
Nichole Lake, NT

MWDRA Boys Goat Tying
Robert Rider, 19.22, 6th out of 10

MWDRA Girls Goat Tying
Abby Knight, 11.67, 3rd out of 12
Callie Otoupalik, 13.82, 4th
Nichole Lake, NT

MWDRA Team Roping
Will Powell & Brandon Yerian, NT
Callie Otoupalik & partner, NT

MWDRA Ribbon Roping
Will Powell & Abby Knight, NT
Callie Otoupalik & Marshall Ray, NT
Wyatt Lytton & Nichole Lake, NT

MWDRA Barrel Racing
Callie Otoupalik, 18.82, 2nd out of 14
Abby Knight, 18.87, 3rd
Nichole Lake, 19.23, 6th



Pole Bending
Lexi Bagnell, 23.40, 14th out of 58
Rebecca Lake, 28.23, 33rd
Kelsie Blevins, 28.65, 37th
Jaylynn Garrison, 29.87, 42nd
Moriah Gilmore, 43.26, 50th

Breakaway Roping
(No times)

Team Roping
Nichele Marmon & Dustin Stephens, 7.90, 1st out of 26
Cody Sheridan & Colt Nagy, 12.57, 3rd
Emily Schall & Shawn George, NT 

Barrel Racing
Becky Jo Dumont, 18.21, 2nd out of 69
Emily Schall, 18.49, 6th
Jessica Read, 18.71, 11th
Kelsie Blevins, 23.27, 34th
Rebecca Lake, 24.05, 56th
Moriah Gilmore, NT
Jaylynn Garrison, NT
Lexi Bagnell, NT

MWDRA Pole Bending
Abby Knight, 21.79, 1st out of 13
Nichole Lake, 24.09, 7th

MWDRA Chute Dogging
Will Powell, NT

MWDRA Boys Breakaway Roping
Will Powell, NT
Robert Rider, NT

MWDRA Girls Breakaway Roping
Abby Knight, NT
Nichole Lake, NT

MWDRA Barrel Racing
Abby Knight, 18.37, 1st out of 13
Nichole Lake, 24.99, 12th

MWDRA Ribbon Roping
Wyatt Lytton & Nichole Lake, 19.94, 1st out of 8
Will Powell & Abby Knight, 21.69, 3rd

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