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Fish, worms and …Turtles? Oh my.

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NINEPIPES  — Tangled fishing lines, smushy worms, slimy fish scales and happy kids were just some of the ingredients that made up the fifth annual Kid’s Fishing Day. Eight-year-old Mick Brown was enjoying the event with his family when all the sudden his bobber went under the water. As Brown was hoping to real in the Grand Prize fish, his hook caught something Brown wasn’t expecting.

“You guys … I caught a turtle,” Brown yelled in confusing excitement. “What am I supposed to do with this?”

As Brown proudly walked his turtle over to the weigh station, a circle of kids gathered around who were equally in awe of the hard-shelled creature.

“I don’t know how to get the hook out,” Brown said.

The turtle had slid, hook in mouth, back into his shell. A small team of snapping painted turtle surgeons kindly talked the turtle out from his hiding place and safely removed the hook. Brown set the turtle free and grabbed his reel to continue his pursuit to catch that Grand Prize fish.

Also looking for that blue ribbon fish were Alaskan natives Milo and Eli Andersen. The brothers, along with mother Bonnie DeArmour, were spending a week in Polson visiting Grandma Becky Peltz.

“We usually find fun events to go to with them while they are visiting,” Peltz said. “It is fun to make those memories.”

Milo, 4, and Eli, 2, usually fish for king salmon and halibut on a boat in Alaska, so fishing for trout and perch from a shore was a new experience.

"We use herring as bait so Milo was confused when they gave us a cup of dirt with worms," DeArmour said.

As DeArmour helped her boys put their new bait on the hook and cast the line, the family waited patiently for a bite.

“Look Eli, we caught something,” DeArmour said. “Let’s see what we got.”

As the two brothers reeled their fish in together, neighboring anglers also were reeling in a fish. As Milo and Eli saw what their line had brought in, DeArmour and Peltz started to laugh at how small their fish was compared to the neighbors.

“The boys don’t care,” Peltz said. “They are just excited that they caught something.”

They handed the fish to Event Organizer Jason McDonald for weighing and inspection. McDonald weighed the fish at around 12 grams and then handed over a blue ribbon to Milo.

“Watching kids be excited about fishing is why we do this event,” McDonald said. “It is fun to see them catch something and feel that accomplishment."


192 kids attended and weighed in a record 182 fish


6 & under smallest fish

1st- Talon Finley, age 4, 9g Sunfish

2nd- Mae-Ann Dumont, age 5, 10g Sunfish

3rd- Jayden Bishop,age 6, 11g Sunfish

7-9 smallest fish

1st- Emalie Taber, age 9, 6g Sunfish

2nd- Dylan Jungers, age 7, 9g Sunfish

3rd- Ian Sharrard, age 9, 10g Sunfish

10-13 smallest fish

1st- William Taber, age 13, 6g Sunfish

2nd- Dylan Davis, age 13, 7g Sunfish

3rd- Hunter Linsebigler, age 12, 9g Sunfish


6 & under biggest fish

1st- Trestin Davidson, age 5, 3lb .3oz Rainbow Trout

2nd- Selena Burland, age 6, 1lb 5.45 oz Rainbow Trout

3rd- Kaiah Dumont, age 4, 1lb 5.4 oz Rainbow Trout

7-9 biggest fish

1st- Koda Lane, age 7, 10lb 7oz Rainbow Trout (New Record)

2nd- Johnathon Malatare, age 8, 3lb 6.8oz Rainbow Trout

3rd- Kelby Dumont, age 8, 3lb 6.05oz Rainbow Trout

10-13 biggest fish

1st- Dustin Trimble, age 12, 3lb 5.8oz Rainbow Trout

2nd- Bella Mahkuk, age 10, 3lb 1oz Rainbow Trout

3rd- Aryia Dentler, age 11, 1lb 4.3oz Rainbow Trout





















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