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Empower Montana hosts event

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News from The Flathead Reservation Human Rights Coalition, Inc.

ST. IGNATIUS — Empower Montana will hold an event for teens, parents, educators, and community entitled “Unboxing Gender Teach In.” This event takes place from 5-8 p.m. on May 15, at Mission Valley United Methodist Church, 70715 Highway 93. 

There will be a welcome and introduction of trainers and an overview. Goals for time together include learning about our culture’s ideas of what gender is; identifying and challenging stereotypes about gender roles; understanding how gender stereotypes can be harmful; and brainstorming how we can better support healthy gender identities. 

Definitions and an education component will establish some common terminology and background theory. In this portion we will go through important definitions and concepts such as gender, sex assigned at birth, gender stereotypes/gender policing, sexism, toxic masculinity, gender as a spectrum. 

 The next part of the workshop will help participants look at their First Thoughts about what they learned about gender and how its internalized.  The Cycle of Oppression section will help participants explore oppression of both individuals and institutions roles in mistreatment and investigate how the dominant group internalizes messages of superiority and dominance. 

 During Media Clips the group will watch selected clips and learn how culture creates and perpetuates gender stereotypes. In small groups, we will reflect on what we learned and Identify Action Steps. 

Polson Police Sergeant George Simpson will give a presentation on consent, sexual assault laws, penalties, age of consent, statistics and other important information. 

There will be pizza and door prizes. Credits are available. Call FRHRC at 406-745-4259 for more information.  


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