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Shirley Azzopardi is running to represent Lake County’s district 93. As a deeply caring and experienced educator in our community, she’s gained many skills that would be useful in the legislature. She’s worked with and taught people of different backgrounds and needs and has been respectful and supportive in doing so.

Shirley supports Montana’s Constitutional requirements for open government and individual privacy, two key features that our current governor has objected to. Claiming a non-existent right to executive privilege, he has limited our access to agency decision-making. We need Shirley Azzopardi representing us against that mindset.

If women don’t have the right to make decisions about their own lives and health, do you? Will your choice of birth control be allowed, or a Do Not Resuscitate order be followed? Shirley Azzopardi knows these are your Constitutional rights, not subject to government dictate.

The Montana GOP’s recent efforts to limit voting has predictably failed due our strong Constitution. In a state with near zero voter fraud why do we need to make it harder for citizens to register and vote? Shirley won’t be wasting legislative time on laws that go nowhere.

Shirley Azzopardi is a Montanan. She was educated in our state, made her livelihood in our state and raised her children in our state. She understands the needs of regular people and will work for all of us. Vote for Shirley Azzopardi.

Suzanne Parson

Saint Ignatius

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