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CSKT welcomes comments on draft regulations

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News from CSKT Natural Resource Dept.

FLATHEAD RESERVA- TION — The Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes announce the availability of the March 1, 2024, to Feb. 28, 2025, Flathead Indian Reservation Joint Tribal/State Fishing and Bird Hunting and Recreation Regulations and proposed changes. The Tribal Council welcomes comments from the public on these draft regulations.

Proposed Changes


The following boating and water sport activates are pro- hibited:

Section 7. B. (4) Boating and Water Sports

The use of motorized boats on the Flathead River from March 15 to June 30, with the exception of boats powered by electric trolling motors, for the protection of nesting birds and wildlife.


Section 2. Standard Fish- ing and Possession Limits.

A. Daily Creel Limit: All rivers, streams, creeks, canals, ditches, lakes, ponds, pot- holes, and reservoirs except those closed to fishing:

Largemouth Bass: 5 fish. (see exception at Part II, Sec- tion 3G for reservoirs).

Smallmouth Bass: Unlim- ited. (see exception at Part II, Section 3H for Flathead Lake).

Northern Pike: Unlimited. Brook Trout: Unlimited. Brown and rainbow trout: 5

fish in combination, only one

of which may be longer than 14 inches.

Bull trout: Closed to fish- ing. It is unlawful to possess a bull trout. Bull trout may not be taken from any Reser- vation waters. Please review identification tips in this booklet.

Cutthroat trout: Catch and release only (see exception

at Part II, Section 3F, High Mountain Lakes, and Part II, Section 3G, Reservoirs)

Lake trout: 100 fish. Lake Whitefish: 100 fish. Mountain whitefish: 50


Yellow perch: Only 10 fish

over 10 inches, no limit on smaller perch.

Fish not specifically listed herein may be taken in any number.


Section 3. Exceptions to the Standard Fishing and Possession Limits

A. Management Unit 1: Jocko River Drainage, ex- cluding lakes and reservoirs:

(1) All waters within the South Fork Jocko Primitive Area are closed to non-mem- ber

(2) Trout fishing is open yearlong to catch and release fishing only with artificial lures and flies. Lake trout may be kept in accordance with Part II, Section 2A.

E. Management Unit 5: Flathead River:

Trout fishing is open year- long to catch and release fish- ing only with artificial lures and flies.


Section 1. Regulations of General Application.

• Add a seasonal bat clo- sure to Lick Cave ( Jette Area) during winter months to reduce disturbance to im- portant bat species during sensitive hibernacula activity. There has been evidence of winter use of cave, and this 2024’s bat count was down in the cave.

X. Human disturbance is

a major cause of decline in cave-dwelling bats in the United States. With bat pop- ulations all across the globe facing the threat of cata- strophic decline from White- nose syndrome, it will be- come increasingly important to limit disturbance to cave dwelling bats during months when solitude is critical to bat survival. Lick cave located in the Northeast portion of the Flathead Indian Reservation will be closed to recreational activity from November 1 to April 1 to protect an annual hibernaculum for several sen- sitive bat species.

• Add a section of how to prevent spread of White- nosed Syndrome and other diseases of concern from caves (what to wear into a cave and how to disinfect clothes/equipment before en- tering a new cave system)

Y. Anyone visiting caves outside the region or moving from cave to cave is asked to thoroughly clean and decon- taminate their cave gear and clothing to limit the spread of white-nose syndrome and other diseases.


A. The American bullfrog

is an invasive species on the Reservation. Bullfrogs may be legally taken any time of day or night by dip net, gig, hook and line or hand. Any other method of taking bullfrogs

is prohibited. Clear identi- fication of a bullfrog from native frog or toad species is required before any take of a bullfrog. Do not move or transplant bullfrogs, it is unlawful to move a bullfrog from one source of water to another.

U. All dogs in the Kicking Horse Reservoir and posted Fish and Wildlife Habitat Mitigation and Conservation Areas must be on leash under the direct and physical con- trol of a person during the period of March 1 through Aug. 31 of each year.

We ask that all comments be submitted via letter or email, no later than 5:30 p.m. on Aug. 28, 2023. There will be an in-person public comment period from 4-5 p.m. on Aug. 28, 2023, at

the CSKT Permit office, 406 6th Ave. E, Polson, Montana 59860.

Written comments can be summited by letter to P.O. Box 278, Pablo, MT 59855

or via email to Amanda Bourdon, DFWRC Permit Agent at Amanda.bourdon@ or Stephanie Gillin, DFWRC Information & Ed- ucation Program Manager at

Written comments may also be sent to the Flathead Indian Reservation Fish and Wildlife Advisory Board Chairman, 406 6th Ave- nue East, Polson, Montana, 59860.

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