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It’s unbelievable that newspapers across Montana are singing the climate change mantra. Our state is the laughing stock of the nation after our courts allowed kids, backed, funded, and coached by a leftist law firm out of state, to sue the state with absolutely nothing but anecdotal evidence.

If climate change was real, do you think President Soetoro would have bought a house on the beach? In 1975, Newsweek ran a piece on the coming ice age. World cooling was all the rage until it wasn’t. Enter Al Gore, born and raised with a golden spoon in his mouth. He has never had a real job and ushers in global warming.

It worked for him; he became a billionaire, but a single prediction of his or John Kerry’s has never come to fruition. All those climate refugees pouring across our southern border, drum roll please, is an invasion planned to destroy the good ole US of A for good.

I say, enough already. Open your eyes and think for yourselves for a change. There is a global government coming, and they will use any and all means to destroy our country because we are all that stand between a global government modeled after China and freedom.

Keep your head in the sand at your own peril. The fat lady is singing, and the canary has just dropped dead.

Ed Kugler


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