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All Conference, All State football athletes named

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LAKE COUNTY – With football season all wrapped up, several players throughout the valley have been awarded with All-State/All-Conference titles. The awards run in multiple divisions by position with several players receiving more than one title. 

In the Class 6B division, the Ronan Chiefs came away with a plentitude of players receiving All-Conference honors as well as two snagging All-State. Chiefs’ Conner Benn and Lucas Gerhardt, both seniors, were awarded this year’s placement on the All-State team.

Benn and Gerhardt also were awarded with first team All-Conference along with fellow teammates, Bryce Cullen, Cole Gerardt and Cole Snyder.

Second team selections included Austin Hakes, Brandon Dumont, Cole Snyder, Jarred Brow, Lucas Gerhardt and Tyler Anderson.

Honorable mentions went to Andy Clary, Austin Hakes, Justin Krahn, Lauren Christopher, Mark Toler, Sam Bixby and Tanner Mead.

The Mission Bulldogs also earned a few awards. Topping that list and receiving first team honors are Mikkel Kvist, Raymond Matt, Ron Cullis and Tyler Spidel.

Second team honors went to Emilio Bravo, Jarred Brown, Nick Durglo, Peter Matt, Raymond Matt and Ryce Hegwood.

Honorable mentions included Billy Von Holtum, Emilio Bravo, Peter Matt and Tyler Spidel.

For the Western Class C division there was no doubt the dominating Charlo Vikings would receive multiple nods toward All-Conference honors. 

Senior Jacen Peterson ended his high school football career on a high note, grabbing the All-Conference Defensive MVP award as well as additional All-Conference titles.

Vikings who were awarded first team placings included Jacen Peterson, Maverick Nelson, Ryan Fullerton and Tyler Delaney.

Second team honors went to Maverick Nelson, Ryan Fullerton, Tristan Santee and Wyatt Lyans.

Michael Delaney earned an honorable mention.

Arlee Warriors Patrick Big Sam and PJ Haynes were awarded with first team titles. Haynes also boasted a second team spot and an honorable mention with Rylee Rogers.

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