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Lucky Strike bowling results for the week of Feb. 9-15

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Sunday Night Mixed

High Team Game: Ronan Radicals              912

High Team Series: Ronan Radicals            2522


High Game Scratch: Julian Dullinger           269

High Game Handicap: Julian Dullinger        269

High Series Scratch: Julian Dullinger           681

High Series Handicap: Glen Whitewater      686


High Game Scratch: Marie Bigby                182

High Game Handicap: Vicki Salway            240

High Series Scratch: Marie Bigby               513

High Series Handicap: Joan Sampson        687


High Team Game: Weimer Welding           1243

High Team Series: Weimer Welding           3538

High Game Scratch: Zach Underwood        300

High Game Handicap: Zach Underwood     318

High Series Scratch: Zach Underwood       682

High Series Handicap: Jesse Lytton           757


Tuesday Twisters - Bowled City Tournament


High Team Game: RezRicer Racing             947

High Team Series: RezRicer Racing           2781

High Game Scratch: Tim Jennison              290

High Game Handicap: Zach Underwood     290 Tim Jennison                                            290

High Series Scratch: Tim Jennison              769

High Series Handicap: Tim Jennison           769

 Wednesday Lucky Ladies

High Team Game: Java Junction                918

High Team Game: Java Junction               2511

High Game Scratch: Megan Jennison         238

High Game Handicap: Megan Jennison       262

High Series Scratch: Megan Jennison         579

High Series Handicap:

Makaliah Wilson                      688


Lady Strikers       

High Team Game: Valley Bank                  1092

High Team Series: Valley Bank                  3119

High Game Scratch: Megan Jennison         242

High Game Handicap: Jazz Webster           268

High Series Scratch: Lisa Corbett               683

High Series Handicap: Jazz Webster           702


Friday Night Mixed:

High Team Game: Lucky Strikers                955

High Team Series: Lucky Strikers               2807


High Game Scratch: Mike Piedalue             257

High Game Handicap: Mike Piedalue          28

High Series Scratch: Chris Atkinson           68

High Series Handicap: Mike Piedalue         768


High Game Scratch: Toni Mitchell              182

High Game Handicap: Darcy Hoffman         273

High Series Scratch: Jennifer Davis             499

High Series Handicap: Toni Mitchell            735

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