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May 4 is a weighty start to the election season

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School boards, fire boards and irrigation districts may not draw a lot of mainstream media attention during election season, but that shouldn't diminish the importance of the positions.

On Tuesday, May 4, voters in Lake County have a lot of important choices to make with plenty of good candidates to choose from.

Those who live in Charlo's school district have six candidates to choose from to fill one three-year seat. Polson is filling two three-year seats from a group of four candidates, while Ronan will fill two three-year seats from three candidates and one one-year seat from one candidate.

The rural fire districts have plenty of board candidates to choose from. Arlee and Ferndale have just one candidate in their races, but there are contested races in three others. Polson Rural Fire District voters have two candidates vying for a three-year seat and two candidates vying for a one-year seat. Chief Cliff has three candidates to choose from to fill one seat, while the Montecahto fire district has two candidates seeking to fill one seat.

In the irrigation districts, the Flathead and Mission districts have single candidates who are unopposed, but there are two candidates seeking to fill the Jocko district seat.

School boards, fire boards and irrigation districts are just as impacting to a lot of the people who live in the valley as those who sit in state seats. The June primaries and November general election are equally important, but please give each one of these candidates due consideration before casting your vote on May 4. We'll all benefit from your thoughtful vote.

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