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Articles with the Tag: Montana Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission

Judge McNeil finds for Western Montana Water Users Judge McNeil finds for Western Montana Water Users

POLSON — “Whiskey is for drinking, and water is for fighting” says an old cowboy platitude, and the latest “fight” took place in Twentieth District Court Judge C. B. McNeil’s courtroom on Feb. 14.   McNeil heard arguments from plaintiff attorney Brian Shuck represe...

Compact an ‘illegal grabbing’ of rights

Editor, The waters in our Western Montana mountains flowing through our streams and rivers, the crystal-clear lakes and reservoirs all are gifts of God to our residents. One cannot help but marvel at how our ranchers, farmers and other settlers, including our orchard owners, have taken advantage and de...

Just say ‘no’ to water compact

Editor, It would be nice if those who wish to criticize, or marginalize, Michael Gale would stay on point – just once. The issue is an illegal, unconstitutionally negotiated proposed water compact agreement for general stream adjudication regarding the Flathead Indian Reservation’s federally r...

Litigation over water expensive, unpredictable

Editor, Can there be any happy outcome to going to court against the tribe for our water rights? Being an adversary to the tribe assures us of no cooperation to improve the irrigation project. To start out with we have a long, ugly and protracted fight with our friends and neighbors.  Millions ...

Tribes have done ‘everything possible’ to avoid litigation

After decades of contention, our community has a bright spot on our horizon, a completed water rights compact that can pass through the state legislature, then Congress and Tribal Council. A necessary component of the compact, an irrigation agreement, is still pending. By agreeing on a solution, we all av...

Brochure on irrigation agreement incomplete

We assume all irrigators received their informational brochure from the Flathead Joint Board of Control over the weekend, as we did. Considering how contentious the water use agreement has been among irrigators and how divided they are, it was astonishing that the brochure was 100-percent positive about the ...

Misinformation circulating on water agreement

There is a lot of misinformation being circulated as to why the proposed Flathead Water Use Agreement and Compact should be rejected. Unfortunately, this includes the misinformation being promoted by three FJBC commissioners last week. Here are the facts regarding the claims they made in their letter:  ...

Proposed irrigation agreement won’t hold water

The Flathead Joint Board of Control has voted to recommend that irrigators vote in favor of the negotiated Water Use Agreement. It also authorized the expenditure of more than $30,000 to “educate” irrigators and poll their support, or lack thereof, for the WUA. As three of the four FJBC commis...

Proposed irrigation water use agreement released

Negotiators for the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, the Flathead Joint Board of Control, and the United States have developed a proposed Flathead Indian Irrigation Project Water Use Agreement for consideration by the organizations they represent. The FIIP Water Use Agreement is a critical piece o...

Water use group sues FJBC

On Dec. 12, attorneys for the Western Montana Water Users Association, LLC, filed a complaint in Lake and Sanders County District Court alleging violations of Montana law by the Flathead Joint Board of Control.  District Judge C.B. McNeil issued a writ of mandate ordering the FJBC to comply with Mont...

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